Whats in the Fall Box?

The Basic Fall Box includes...


($22 value)
I love me a good camper mug! I designed this one with, what I think should be a our core goal -- taking that cake and that icing and making it into ART. So your favorite hot cocoa, cereal, soup, etc now has it's favorite new companion!
($16 value)
Now I said you were gonna get some cake stuff and some stuff to adorn YOU. And my friend, it's fall... it's time to keep your lovely neck warm from that crisp chilly air. So, I thought you might want to do it in style!
($14.99 value)
Nicholas Lodge & Katy Sue have paired up to create some fabbbulous molds lately and I got my hands on some season suiting ones just for you! Pine Cones... because, who enjoys hand making pine cones? Maybe one or two, but more than that and this girl is spent! This mold will save you that precious time, beautifully!
($9.00 value)
One adorable potholder that really speaks to our baking sides! Two sided, featured "Where there's a whisk there's a way" and on the other, "Rise to the Occasion".
($7 value)
Genie's brought the cookie world quite a few innovative products! I happen to come across these while in class with Sandie Beltran (our Cookie instructor at Avalon Cakes) and found them both incredibly useful for both cookies AND cakes! The scrapper end of the "Thingamagnie" is perfect for scrapping off boo-boos on cookies or cakes. The sharp side? Leveling out your flooding, etching a design, and I even used it for modeling! The "Icing Genie" is perfect for stenciling both on cookies and cakes!
($6 value)
Sandie Beltran of You Can Call Me Sweetie managed to get us her FIRST run of her new cookie cutter line! YES, my cookie lovers, the FIRST ONES exclusively through this box! I'm so excited we could get her signature plaque in our box!
($9 value)
The multi-sized sphere mold is gonna come in handy, I promise! I love this little mold and use it way more than I would have ever imagined! Great for chocolate, gumpaste, fondant and more!
($15.00 value)
That's right, Avalon Cakes has a new GIANT acrylic smoother! And, of course, YOU'RE the first one to get your hands on one! I especially love it for smoothing those double barrel cakes.

The Ultimate Box included everything above and...

Cake Stand
($28 value)
I fell in love with this tin Cake Stand as soon as I laid eyes on it! It's perfect to punch up those smaller one-tier cakes!
OH I can't wait to put this beauty to use this holiday season!
($14.99 value)
Another amazing mold for the Ultimate Box, the Spices Mold! I loved this mold as soon as I saw it especially for the orange slice! Citrus slices, not an easy task hand made, one by one. But this will speed you up with perfect citrus fruit slices, along with cinnamon and anise! 
($15.00 value)
Honey and the Hive graces my Instagram with her signature style and super hilarious puns! Needless to say, I've been a fan for a while! So, I asked her to make us a CUSTOM piece of art JUST FOR US! I gave her full reign and she painted this beauty, which is just itching to grace your kitchen walls!